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Exercícios do livro "The carpenter's wife"

No final do livro " The carpenter's wife " (A esposa do carpinteiro) apresenta alguns exercícios para serem resolvidos.

Para ler a tradução do livro clique aqui.

Segue aqui os exercícios do livro.
(Totalmente em inglês).


A. Find the synonyms.

1. Expect                    a) Expert
2. Injure                      b) Very
3. Quite                       c) Port
4. Skillful                     d) Hurt
5. Quiet                       e) Hope
6. Harbor                     f) Calm

B. Find the opposites.

1. Strong                     a) Late
2. Sunset                     b) Weak
3. Arrive                      c) Depart
4. Early                        d) Worthless
5. Worth                      e) Sunrise
6. Lost                         f) Found

C. Choose the best word for each blank. Use each word only once.

disturb  -  rushed  - damaged -  crowded  -  whenever  -  storm  -  bloom

1. We ______________ to school this morning because we were late.
2. Talk to the teacher ___________ you have a doubt.
3. Grandma asked the children not to __________ her when she's reading.
4. Roses ____________ in springtime.
5. The strong wind and rain __________ our house last night.
6. Look at those dark clouds. I think we are going to have a ____________ outside.
7. The room was so _____________ that we couldn't get in.

D. Choose the correct alternative to the text.

1. Jonah was:
a) a very practical man.
b) a carpenter.
c) a dreamer

2. When the sailor told Claire about the long voyage.
a) she felt glad about it.
b) she felt a sudden pain in her heart.
c) she said she was going to marry Jeremy.

3. When Claire felt that Jonah wasn't going to come back,
a) she sang and danced all night long.
b) she decided to start a new life.
c) she sailed away on one of the ships.

4. On her wedding night, Clire looked out of the window and saw
a) a cloud in the shape of a ship moving against the moon.
b) Jeremy singing and dancing.
c) Jonah singing and dancing.

5. When Claire opened the door and saw Jonah standing there,
a) she asked him to wait for her.
b) she told him to go away.
c) she almost fainted.

6. Jonah told Claire that
a) his ship was going to depart the following day at moonrise.
b) he was going to come back the next day at moonrise.
c) he was going to die the next day at moonrise.

E. Answer the questions.

1. Who was Jeremy? What do you know about him?

2. What did Jonah ask Claire to do when he told her about the long voyage?

3. What did Claire do every time ship came?

4. What happened to Claire one night after five years of marriage?

5. Where had Jonah been all that time?

6. Did Claire go with Jonah to the Land Where the Lilies Bloom?

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